Get started with iOS SDK

The Zettle Payments SDK for iOS makes it possible to build integration solutions for taking payments from any iOS app, using a Zettle card reader or QRC.

Step 1: Create a Developer Portal account

To be able to create apps, you need an account in the Zettle Developer Portal.

See Sign up for a developer account.

Step 2: Get a Client ID

To get a client ID, see Create credentials for an SDK app.

The client ID and the OAuth redirect URL that is used to create app credentials are required for user authorisation. In the SDK, the user authorisation is performed through the implementation of OAuth 2.0.

Step 3: Get a Zettle card reader

To manage card payments with the SDK, you need to have a Zettle card reader. If you do not have one, get a card reader.

Step 4: Understand general SDK operations

The Zettle Payments SDK for iOS is available in Objective-C and Swift.

When calling the method, make sure the following:

  • In Objective-C, only use the singleton instance returned from [iZettleSDK shared].
  • In Swift, only use the singleton instance returned from iZettleSDK.shared().

The iOS SDK handles presentation and dismissal of its views. Operations with UI will accept a UIViewController as an argument. From this argument, the Zettle SDK will be presented to users of your integration.

Asynchronous operations have a completion block/closures as an argument. This completion block is called when an operation is considered complete, cancelled, or failed.

For completion handling, see Manage card payments and Manage PayPal QRC payments.