Overview of iOS SDK

The Zettle Payments SDK for iOS lets you take payments from any iOS app, using a Zettle card reader or QRC.

Check out Payments SDK for iOS on GitHub

The SDK is designed for easy implementation and usage. The SDK places a screen over the host application when triggered. This screen is used for all interactions.

Explore the following sections to get an understanding of the Zettle Payments SDK for iOS.

Market availability

Currently there are these ways to handle payments with the iOS SDK: Card payments, and QRC using PayPal or Venmo. The following table describes the availability in different markets.

MarketCard PaymentsPayPal QRCVenmo QRC
United StatesXXX
United KingdomXX-

You can only integrate your point of sales (POS) with the Zettle SDK in supported markets. This applies regardless of where you are located.

Note: To test your integration with the Zettle SDK, you need to order a card reader. This can only be done if you are located in a supported market.

Main features

  • Take card payments with a Zettle card reader.
  • Take PayPal QRC payments.
  • Take Venmo QRC payments.
  • Refund card payments.
  • Receive information about a payment.
  • Login/logout of Zettle accounts and simple switching between multiple accounts.
  • Settings screen. From this a user can handle card readers and access help and support.


  • The SDK requires the use of Xcode 14.1.
  • PayPal QRC and Venmo QRC payments are only supported on iOS 13 and higher.

Getting started

How to get the accounts and app credentials needed to work with your SDK integration.

Installation and configuration

How to add the SDK to your project, and configure different components.


How to initialise and start the SDK.


Explanation of common concepts.

Working with the iOS SDK

Manage card payments

  • Charging
  • Refunding
  • Retrieving payment information
  • Completing payments

See Manage card payments.

Manage PayPal QRC payments

  • Charging
  • Refunding
  • Retrieving payment information
  • Completing payments

See Manage PayPal QRC payments.

Manage tipping

The tipping flows explained.

Other operations

Card reader pairing

How to pair the card reader.


Upgrading instructions for major versions.