Create an SDK app

Using the Zettle payment SDKs you can build functionality for taking payments with iOS or Android apps. The authorisation code grant method with proof key for code exchange (PKCE) is used for authorisation.

In an authorisation code grant flow with PKCE, the app creates a code challenge for each merchant authorisation request. After authorisation, the app uses the received authorisation code, a code verifier, and SDK credentials in exchange for an access token and a refresh token from the authorisation server. The SDK credentials include a client ID.

To use authorisation code grant with PKCE for your app, you need SDK credentials for the app. Get these by creating an app in your Dashboard on the Developer Portal.

Note: An SDK app has a built-in PKCE flow for the default login. To use a custom login for the app, you need to set a PKCE flow for the custom login after you create the app.


Get SDK credentials for a new app

Follow these steps to create a new app with SDK credentials.

  1. Log in to the Developer Portal.

  2. On your Dashboard, click Create a new app.

    The Create a new app button in the upper right of the Dashboard.

  3. On the Create a new app page, click Payments SDK for iOS or Payments SDK for Android to open the form with app information.

  4. Fill in the form.

    Example of form with app name, app URL, and company name. Optionally, you can add OAuth Redirect URIs to redirect merchants to your app after successful login to Zettle.

  5. Click Get credentials to create the SDK credentials.

  6. Save your SDK credentials somewhere safe.

    Example of SDK credentials.

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