Zettle provides APIs and SDKs for integrating payment methods and point of sale (POS) services. For example, you have a service that runs a POS system, and you want to integrate Zettle as payment provider. Or, you want to manage inventories in your e-commerce platform for merchants that use Zettle POS.

System overview of integrating with Zettle.

Zettle provides a set of APIs and SDKs for integration solutions. The following picture shows basic flows on how integrators go about building integrations.

Integration flow

The following table describes a few terms that are good to know before you move ahead.

MerchantA seller who sells goods to customers and wants to integrate with Zettle. For example, a merchant may own a POS solution and want to integrate with Zettle APIs/SDKs to take payments. A merchant can either choose to build their own integration solution or pick up one of the featured partner integration solutions that meets their requirements.
IntegratorA partner company with developers, or an independent developer, who build integrations with for example Zettle.
PartnerA company that owns or builds integrations and has a business agreement with Zettle. May or may not have their own developers.
DeveloperCan be either independent or a part of the development teams who work on the integration solutions with partners or merchants. If the developer is an independent entity, they can have their app promoted in at my.zettle.com by becoming a partner at zettle.com.
Self-hosted appOwned by one or more merchants choosing to build their own solution. Is alternately named as a "merchant-hosted app". This app is built by the merchant if they are developers themselves or by a development team contracted by the merchant.
Partner-hosted appOwned by a partner. This app is built by the partner developers or by a development team contracted by the partner.
Developer accountThe account that the developer creates on the developer portal in order to create an API/SDK app and start building the integration solution.
Merchant accountThe account that the merchant signs up for on zettle.com in order to authorise the app built by the developer.

Step 1: Learn what you can build with Zettle

Before you start integrating with Zettle, learn more about what you can build with Zettle APIs and SDKs.

Step 2: Define scenarios and type of app

You can build different types of apps supporting different user scenarios, and with different authentication requirements.

Step 3: Sign up for a developer account

To integrate with Zettle, you need an account to create and manage apps. Sign up for a developer account in the Zettle Developer Portal, before you start creating the app.

Step 4: Create app credentials

When you have decided which type of app to build, create app credentials in the Zettle Developer Portal. You will use the credentials for app authentication and authorisation. If you want to have an app for testing purpose, create app credentials for testing and production respectively.

Step 5: Explore the APIs and SDKs

Try the API calls and explore the example apps.