Delete subscriptions

You can delete existing subscriptions that are no longer needed.


  • Make sure that the authorisation is working.
  • Make sure that the destination URL on your server is up and running.

Step 1: Retrieve the subscription UUID

  1. Retrieve all existing subscriptions.
GET /organizations/{organizationUuid}/subscriptions
Example: The following example retrieves all subscriptions for the organization with a3931584-82b2-4873-a32f-12b254d43539 as the UUID.
GET /organizations/a3931584-82b2-4873-a32f-12b254d43539/subscriptions
  1. Copy and save the UUID of the subscription that you want to delete. It will be used for deleting the subscription.

Step 2: Delete a subscription

  1. Send a DELETE request to delete a subscription. In the request, subscriptionsUuid is the version 1 UUID that you retrieved in Step 1: Retrieve the subscription UUID.
DELETE /organizations/{organizationUuid}/subscriptions/{subscriptionUuid}
Example: The following example deletes the subscription ef64c5e2-4e16-11e8-9c2d-fa7ae01bbebc.
DELETE /organizations/self/subscriptions/ef64c5e2-4e16-11e8-9c2d-fa7ae01bbebc
  1. Check that the response returns with an HTTP status code 200 OK.
    • If yes, the subscription is deleted successfully.
    • If no, update the DELETE request according to the error message. For more information on error messages, see HTTP status code.