Purchase API overview

The Purchase API provides read-only information about purchases made through Zettle.
System overview with Purchase API.

Getting started

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Explore the following sections to get an understanding of how to work with the Purchase API.

Understanding purchases

Purchase information is passed from the Purchase service, using the Purchase API. A purchase represents a receipt, it’s immutable and contains information about sold items. See Purchase concept.
Discounts can exist both on a specific row of items (products), and on the entire purchase. Discount on a row of items is applied on the whole amount of the row. Discount can be set either as a percentage or as a fixed amount. See Purchases and discounts.
Through the Purchase API, transaction-related information is delivered to the Finance API. The purchase information also contains information about giftcards, sent to the Giftcard service. See Purchase interactions.

Working with purchases

Fetching purchases

This area contains endpoints used for retrieving purchase information. You can fetch purchase information for a set of purchases, or for a specific purchase. You can also include details about discounts and refunds, when fetching purchase information.