Product Library API overview

The product library service defines product items and make them available for merchants for selling in Zettle. The Product Library API lets developers programmatically work with product items in a merchant’s product library.
System overview with Product Library API.

Getting started

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Explore the sections in the following to get an overview of the different parts of the Product Library API.

Understanding product libraries

What is a product library? A product library holds items like products, product variants, and discounts. Products and their variants can have associated properties like name, descriptions, size, colour, and price. This makes up the product data model. For more information, see Product library concept.

Working with product libraries

Manage products

Using the Product Library API you can create, retrieve, update, and delete products and their variants.

Manage product images

Images in the product library are managed through the Zettle Image service. You can then retrieve images and associate them with products in the product library.

Manage categories

Product categories are used for organizing items in the product library. Merchants can create categories from the user interface.