Include access token and tracking identifier in API requests

To send requests to Zettle APIs, you need to include an access token in the request header as described in the following.
Currently, there is no tracking available for integrations with Zettle. However, you can implement tracking in your solution by including a tracking identifier in API requests. See the following how to do this.


Step 1: Include an access token in API requests

The access token, generated in the authorisation flow, is prefixed by Bearer when included in an API request.
Example: API request with authorisation token.
GET /purchases/v2?startDate=2020-11-19 HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer eyJraWQiOiIxN...R5Y6FDNTva7esJ5Q

Step 2 (optional): Include tracking identifier in API requests

To track app usage in API requests, you can include a custom header X-iZettle-Application-Id with the client ID of the app. This will be used as a tracking identifier.