Gift Card API overview

Zettle merchants can sell gift cards as a product in the product library for their store. A gift card can also be a payment method for customers to redeem and make purchases in a merchant´s store. Gift cards can be used to pay for a purchase partially or entirely.
System overview with GiftCard API

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Understand how merchants work with gift cards

A gift card can have one of these statuses:
  • Unredeemed. The gift card hasn’t been used.
  • Redeemed. The gift card has been used and has a balance of zero.
  • Partially redeemed. The gift card has been used but has a remaining balance.
  • Expired. The gift card has passed its expiry date and may or may not have a remaining balance.
  • Returned. The gift card was returned by a customer.

Understand the Gift Card API

The Zettle Gift Card API is used to programmatically fetch details for a gift card. It's usually used together with the Purchase API to provide additional purchasing information. To be able to track the status of gift cards, each gift card has a code, and a unique gift card Uuid. The UUID is used in the purchase history information, and can be retrieved through the Purchase API.

Retrieve gift card values

Through the Gift Card API, you can retrieve gift card details to see values for different statuses.