Finance API overview

Merchants who take payments with Zettle have an Zettle merchant account that processes transactions for the payments. For example, card payments made with Zettle card readers.
The Finance API is used to fetch finance-related information that is processed through Zettle. The information includes account balance, all the transactions processed through Zettle, and payout.
This is a system overview where all APIs and SDKs exchange data from Zettle merchants through the authorisation service provided by the OAuth API. The Finance API provides a service to fetch information about transactions that are processed by Zettle.

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Explore the sections listed in the following to get an understanding of how to work with the Finance API.

Understand how payments with Zettle work

Payments are card payments, card refunds, or alternative payment methods (APMs) like PayPal QR code (QRC).
For information on how Zettle handles transactions for payments, see how payments with Zettle work.

Understand the Finance API

Fetch transactions

Using the Finance API, you can fetch finance-related information as follows: