Finance API migration guide

A new version V2 of the Finance API is released, replacing the former version (called V1 in this document). V1 is now deprecated but will remain available until 2022-12-31.
This document highlights the differences between V1 and V2 and supports the migration to V2.

Overview of changes

Changes to request paths

  • v2 has been added to the request paths.
  • organizations/{organizationUuid} has been removed from the request paths. Instead, the organization is identified from the authentication data.

Changes to the parameter format

Timestamps (timestamp, at, start, end) must now be expressed in ISO 8601 date time format with timezone (offset from UTC time).
The following example means that the local time is 2 hours ahead of UTC time.
Example: 2022-03-01T12:42:10+02:00

Changes to transaction types

All transaction types relating to payment processing have been merged into one transaction type PAYMENT. All transaction types relating to fees from processing payments have been merged into PAYMENT_FEE.
  • Transaction type CARD_PAYMENT is now represented by PAYMENT.
  • Transaction type CARD_PAYMENT_FEE is now represented by PAYMENT_FEE.
  • Transaction type CARD_REFUND is now represented by PAYMENT but with the amount being negative.
  • Transaction type CARD_PAYMENT_FEE_REFUND is now represented by PAYMENT_FEE but with the amount being positive.
The transaction type PAYMENT_PAYOUT has been added to reflect transfers of money related to a single payment. These transfers happen between the merchant's Zettle liquid account and their PayPal Wallet. For payouts of regular payments, this will be negative and for refunds using the PayPal Wallet this will be positive.
These changes apply to both input parameter includeTransactionType and originatorTransactionType in the response and also apply to historical data.


If you have any questions, please contact our developer support.