How payments with Zettle work

A merchant's Zettle account handles different status of transactions, as shown in the following. After a merchant takes a payment with Zettle, the transaction for the payment will go through these phases:
  1. Recorded in the merchant's preliminary account:
    Zettle forwards the authorised transaction details to the acquiring bank for clearance to capture the money.
  2. Recorded in the merchant's liquid account:
    Zettle checks whether the payment is ready to be paid out to the merchant.
  3. Recorded as payout in the merchant's liquid account:
    Zettle ensures that the correct amount of money will be paid out from the merchant's Zettle account to the merchant's bank account or PayPal Wallet for PayPal users. Then the merchant will receive the deposit in the upcoming payout.
This transaction flow shows how Zettle handles payments.