Manage in-app pairing


With the Zettle Reader 2 we are introducing a new type of Bluetooth called Bluetooth Low Energey (BLE). This enables us to do in-app pairing. This means that everything related to the Zettle reader is done in the application. The Zettle Reader 2 will not be visible in Bluetooth settings.

  1. Select Card readers to connect the Zettle Reader 2 from the SDK.
    In-app pairing step 1
  2. The message “No card reader connected” displays.
  3. Tap Connect card reader.
    In-app pairing step 2-3
  4. Select Zettle Reader 2. Note that other card readers can be connected from the Android Bluetooth settings.
  5. The user is asked to turn on the Zettle Reader 2 for it to be detected. Detected readers appear in the list.
  6. The number displayed in the app should correlate to the number in the card reader display.
    In-app pairing step 4-6
  7. When a card reader is selected, the BLE pairing is initialised.
  8. When a connection is established, the user will be asked to compare numbers in the app and in the card reader display.
  9. The user must confirm the numbers on both devices. This is done by selecting Confirm in the app, and clicking the confirmation button in the card reader.
    In-app pairing step 7-9
  10. When the pairing is confirmed, the reader displays in the Connected card readers view.
  11. To forget a card reader, go to the Card reader detail view. Note that forgetting a card reader can no longer be done from the Android Bluetooth settings.
    In-app pairing step 10-11